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Missing: Required Information From the Children’s Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Health Plan

A local state legislator is trying to stop a bill in its tracks which paves the way for every Indiana child to undergo mental health testing.
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A Critique of the Problems in the Indiana Children’s Social, Emotional & Behavioral Health Plan: Introduced 20 September 2006

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EdAlert Forum: Families Against Mental Screening

We, the citizens of Indiana, have a problem. In the 2005 Legislative session the General Assembly saw the need for a “comprehensive” children’s mental health screening plan as an attempt to identify children from birth to twenty-two (22) years of age who are prone to suicide. In the Indiana Code 20-19-5 the Legislature set up the Commission on Mental Health to write that plan. That plan was presented to the public on 20 September 2006.

This plan is very intrusive and directs the Department of Education to establish a single mental health screening test to apply to every child in Indiana whether that child is attending a government school, a private school or is home schooled.

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Past Editorials

There’s something wrong with Indiana's Major Moves:

The consortium of Macquarie and Cintra have stated they will receive a 13 percent return on their investment each year from their lease of the Indiana Toll Road. This lease is a problem and unacceptable for the following reasons.

  1. It is unconstitutional or illegal. Nowhere in the State Constitution can I find authorization for the Governor or the Legislature to lease state-owned property to a foreign private corporation. This Bill, that authorizes the lease, also changes state law to allow this and future similar activities to be accomplished without proper public oversight.
  2. It will effectively shut down the Toll Road. To give a thirteen percent return the tolls would have to earn a return of $500 million per year above the normal maintenance and salaries, $80 million, required to operate the Toll Road. That brings the required total yearly return from the Toll Road to $580 million, or more than a $64 average toll from every vehicle that uses the road.
  3. It cedes sovereignty of the Toll Road to a foreign corporation. Just as the United States exercised sovereignty over the Panama Canal while we controlled that area. It is also similar to the United Arab Emirates attempt to gain control of our six main eastern ports with a UAE owned company, Dubai Ports World, purchasing a British company. For more information see the discussion of NAFTA and the Inland Ports on our web site.

Do we want to give any foreign corporation total control of this, our Toll Road that spans the entire width of Indiana, and risk that corporation transferring that area to another company, such as Hutchison-Wampoa  a Chinese company that now controls both ends of the Panama Canal? I think not.

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Parents, future Parents and Grandparents:

Our schools are under attack as never before in all our history. Those who are attacking them are trying to destroy the school system that created the worlds greatest nation. A nation where, by the Civil War, virtually every person was literate and wrote glowing, living letters with a beautiful script handwriting. (See Ken Burns’ “Civil War”)

The Future of our Children is at Risk!

If those people are successful in replacing our academic-based education system with their feel-good system they will eventually destroy this the nation that has produced more Nobel laureates than any other, a nation that has defeated the greatest challenges to freedom that has ever risen in all earth’s history and a nation that has placed a man on the moon. This nation did all those things with people, many educated in one-room schoolhouses, who understood sovereignty, liberty and the unalienable rights of the individual. All those beliefs, ingrained in our society, are now under attack. If we allow our younger generations to lose those rights then we will see this greatest of all nations cease to exist.

New Indiana School Plans Will Affect All Indiana Children

On this site you will find an introduction to the most pressing education matters in Indiana at this time. Two new education plans, the Indiana P-16 Plan and the Smaller Learning Center (SLC) plan are presently being incorporated into our school system. Both are unbelievably destructive to the student.

The Indiana P-16 Plan changes the entire statewide education system and extends state control beyond belief. It extends human, person control from pre-natal to the grave. It is an uncaring plan that sends chills down your back as you read its details and see its intention to introduce a controlled, collectivist society. We managed to stop the “All-day Kindergarten” bill, but the General Assembly, after 6:00 p.m. substituted a second bill also listed under the same heading, HB-1234, and passed that bill. If you have read George Orwell’s “1984" it is here in this plan.

Click here to read the Indiana P-16 Plan

The Smaller Learning Centers are already being installed in the Indianapolis Public School system’s five high schools. Funded by the federal Department of Education and the Gates Foundation the SLC’s make the Indianapolis schools different from all other state school systems.

Click here to read a discussion of the Smaller Learning Centers


It is our belief that the P-16 Plan should be rejected as it devalues students and only measures them in terms of productive units instead of as human beings with an unlimited potential. We believe that the SLC system is unconstitutional, it creates a school system in Indianapolis that is different from all others in the state (it is directed and limited vocational training) and conflicts with the requirements placed upon the General Assembly by the State Constitution. We believe that the SLC’s should be eliminated from the IPS school system.

We urge you to familiarize yourself with these two plans. Tell your friends. Arrange meetings and let your Representative and Senator know that you object to this destruction of the school system. If we work together we can stop this and give our children a good academic-based education that will prepare them for their challenging life ahead. Send your thoughts to us either as a letter or short article (two pages) at info@edalert.com.