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Introduction to Smaller Learning Centers

In this section you will be introduced to a concept called the “Smaller Learning Centers” that is being introduced into the five Indianapolis Public School high schools and perhaps into other school systems around the state. Justified on the basis that children learn better in smaller schools, each of the Indianapolis high schools, with an average enrollment of 2,000 students, are to be broken down into smaller “Learning Centers” where only certain subjects will be taught. A student is required to select his route of studies at the beginning of the eighth grade and is then required to remain in that course of study throughout his high school years. Even though the student should display absolutely no talent for his chosen course he is expected or even required to stay in that course.

Smaller Learning Center School Names:

1. The Center for Performing and Visual Arts and the Center for Humanities.
2. The Center for Art, Media and Communications.
3. The Center for Engineering, Science and Technology.
4. The Center for Business, Marketing and Finance.
5. The Center for Legal, Social and Recreational Services.

This approach chosen by the IPS has created a school system that is different from all the other school systems in the state. The State Constitution requires (Article VIII, Section I) that the General Assembly provide for a system of Common schools that are “general and uniform”. Over 150 years ago the citizens of Indiana recognized that children are mobile and will move from place to place. Therefore, the schools must all teach the same curriculum throughout the state to ensure educational continuity when a child is forced to move. Even Abraham Lincoln, as a child, lived in both Indiana and Illinois.

When I learned what the IPS system was doing I wrote a letter to the president pro tempore of the Indiana Senate, Senator Robert D. Garton in which I stated my objection to this type educational system and called his attention to the unconstitutional nature of these new Indianapolis schools. So that you can see his exact reply I have included our communications (two letters each) in this section. As you can see he rejected my argument.

It is my contention that the Smaller Learning Centers are illegal as prescribed by the state Constitution. Under that document the state school systems are required to be general and uniform. We, the citizens of Indiana through our writing of the Indiana Constitution, over a hundred and fifty years ago, have told the General Assembly how we want the schools to be set up and operated. Through it, we have also told the state school systems how we want them to operate. Each is not following our instructions.

Therefore, I am giving you the opportunity to judge for yourself the constitutional legality of this type (the SLC) educational system. You are the jury and you alone have the right to tell the General Assembly how it must act in this instance. Your children’s and the nations future lies in your hands. The information is here for you to see, it is now up to you.

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